All Pass

Membership Got Better

Membership and contracts all evoke stress – so at Massage All, we eliminate that piece of stress.

BUT we do want to help our clients that want to visit on a regular basis, whether bi-weekly or monthly.

So introducing our ALL PASS – your Pass to get ALL your massage sessions – simply.

Our bodies learn the benefits of massage, and received regularly, like exercise or good healthy diet, the results continue to accumulate.

How it works:

  • – NO set up fees, no contracts!
  • – Once a month you pre-pay at an affordable rate for either a 60, 90, or 120 minute massage  service with your therapist.
  • – You may schedule as many massages each month and save $$ off additional treatments.
  • – Do you want to share? You can share your ALL PASS prepaid session or discount with your spouse or a special person, just let your therapist know so they can make that arrangement.

Research has shown that regular massage services can have major health benefits. Considering to incorporate this tool in your health and wellness plan is as easy as discussing when your next appointment should be scheduled. To cancel, we just need notice to terminate the auto-pay and ask at least 15 days to make sure it’s completed on time.