How to Replenish With Heart Healthy Spring Greens & Herbs

How to Replenish With Heart Healthy Spring Greens & Herbs

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And, what you eat can do wonders to help you recharge and get back in the groove.

Nothing says spring freshness like tender, culinary herbs.

Spring-grown herbs and vegetables can wake up and delight your taste buds as well as your body cells.

Parsley and cilantro are great spring herbs.

Adding color and a vibrant green flavor to foods, they’re also packed with concentrated vitamins, minerals and a number of health benefits.

One study says cilantro helps the body remove heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

Another study suggests cilantro helps to calm and alleviate anxiety.

Yet another study argues that cilantro may lower heart disease and diabetes risk by reducing the body’s cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels.

Parsley is widely known as a concentrated source of potassium. And natural sources of potassium are important for controlling blood pressure.

Cilantro and parsley are both easy to find in most grocery stores.

Parsley has more curly leaves but cilantro has a spicier taste.

Along with mint and chives, these herbs go great in sandwiches and salads. Or sprinkle them freshly-chopped on soups or meats just before serving.

Look for our next spring herb article, where we dive into what spring herbs grow well in northern latitudes, as well as their health benefits.


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