Insurance And Billing

What Are Your Insurance Options

Manual Therapy… not massage.

Chronic headaches, low back pain, shoulder stiffness, sore feet/legs, or any other ailment? Working with your therapist and doctor, you may be able to utilize your insurance benefits to gain relief.

Call us to see if we can work with your insurance company.

Unfortunately not all insurance companies or insurance plans recognize the billing of manual therapy treatments if provided by a licensed massage therapist. Although this is frustrating, we will continue to hope that soon, this will change. All visits are considered medically necessary, therefore a Physician’s Prescription must be brought to the first visit. All deductibles and co-pays must be discussed as this is the requirement from the insurance company to collect as part of the payment toward session.

Prior verification and a medical doctor’s prescription is required. As a courtesy to you, we will be happy to verify your benefits to avoid confusion in getting the correct information. After verification of your benefits is complete, our office will contact you to explain the options your insurance allows. Insurance can be confusing, especially when you start using the “out of network” benefits, as it is separate from your “in network” benefits.

When your doctor uses his/her own prescription form or referral sheet – the prescription would be for be manual therapy and would need to include the diagnosis and duration or frequency of treatments. Most prescriptions are for 6-16 weeks duration, as a review from your doctor validates the medical necessity.

These prescriptions are NOT FOR MASSAGE! Getting a prescription for massage will delay our ability to start billing the sessions to your insurance company. To help know what to say to your doctor, we have provided a letter you can give your doctor and the necessary paperwork to have filled out before your first visit.

To find out if your insurance will cover your sessions;
please download and complete our “Do I Qualify?” form.

Please fax all forms and a copy of your insurance card (front and back) to: 720-253-1085

We will contact you within 1- 3 days of receiving your information.