Massage And Allergy Relief

Banish Allergy Misery Now With the Blissful Benefits of Massage

Did you know anxiety and stress can make your allergy misery 4 times worse?

Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD, at the Ohio State University Medical Center says, “We found that stress and anxiety make a big difference in terms of allergic responses.”

Talk to one of our therapists. Find out how massage can lower anxiety, unclog your sinuses, boost allergy-fighting immunity and even increase your energy.

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In fact, the Ohio State study showed that even slight stress made allergies worse.

Why is this such good news?

Relieve your stress, relieve your allergies!

“Few sensual experiences rival a full-body massage for pleasure and stress relief — at least among those things you can talk about in front of the children at the dinner table,” says WebMD.

Massaging your head, face and neck can also help clear all that congestion from your nose and throat.


Clogged sinuses and tense muscles can radiate pain and tension to other areas of your body.

Release these trigger points on your face, around your eyes, as well as your upper back and shoulders – and the results can feel nothing short of amazing.

Talk to one of our experienced therapists and try a session or two – it could make all the difference for you.

Check out our next article for a powerful secret – learn some simple massage self care tips for when you’re on vacation or away from the therapist.


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