Whether your friends talked you into a weekend warrior event or you are seriously training as an athlete, avoiding injury is an utmost concern.


When we push ourselves physically and mentally in pursuit of our sport, part of our training, maintenance and recovery is making sure our bodies can perform at optimum levels. You train endlessly, watch what you eat and evaluate how you will face your next challenge.


Feeding our bodies the correct protein/carb ratio is important, but also correcting imbalances you may have in the muscle tissues, reducing areas of tightness that limits your freedom to operate will reduce the risk of injury.


Give your body ALL it needs! Sports Massage encompasses rehabilitation, prevention and maintenance. Your therapist can design your session to improve recovery time between workouts or events, reducing the muscle holding patterns and tightness which will impact the potential of injury. During training, scheduling weekly or bi-monthly sessions is highly recommended to prevent injuries by “re-balancing” your body. Especially after an event or strenuous workout, massage can play heavily in treating minor injuries and relaxing muscles with in the first 48 hours of your event.