How to Enjoy (and Afford) a Vacation Every Week & Feel Younger

Mini Vacation Idea

Looking to get away? Want a break from life’s stresses?

If you’re in dire need of a vacation but can’t seem to find the time (or cash), consider taking a mini-break with a massage.

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But every week? C’mon. Are you kidding?

Bear with me for a minute – you’ll be glad you did.

Our bodies aren’t non-stop machines. You probably already try to take care of yours.

You know, eating healthier, catching a few extra zzz’s, taking your vitamins and exercising more.

But did you know…what do you do on a daily basis… takes a toll on your health and happiness?

Most of us know that sitting at a desk from nine to five isn’t good for you.

But adding an extra mile to your daily jog means adding a stress load to your body too.

And you’ll need to recover.

And most people – whether they’re sitting or exercising – treat their body like a non-stop machine.

But your body is NOT a non-stop machine.

Believe that it is? If you decide to find out, let me know how that works out for you!

Here’s the thing.

When life’s moments stress you – your body releases stress hormones. The “fight or flight” response.

All this adrenaline and cortisol raise your heart rate and blood pressure.

Over time, too much of these hormones really start to hurt you.

Headaches and you can’t sleep… just to name a couple things.

Fortunately, massage therapy can alleviate these symptoms and give you the gentle mood boost you need.

More than that, massage can help you… be happy again. And give you what you need to deal with the “real world” again.

Are your neck and shoulders sore from all that sitting?

If you sit at a desk all day, I’m not surprised.

We’re all guilty of poor posture at one point or another throughout the day.

Repetitive movements like twisting around to answer the phone – will get you too.

And over time, these habits can cause your body extra stress.

And this can lead to spinal misalignment, fatigued muscle groups that can weaken over time, and even joint damage.

And of course… massage can help you with these. (You knew I was going to say this, didn’t you?)

Regular massage has proven itself to get rid of some pretty serious aches and pains.

Want to get in shape? Here’s the shocking truth.

Yeah, regular exercise is great – reduces risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and more. But…

Your muscles need recovery.

And some muscles recover more slowly than others.

Even though your body really needs and thrives on exercise – over time, as you exercise, your risk for injury can increase.

So if you’re serious about getting fit, you might want to think about massage.

Massage rejuvenates and improves muscle recovery.

And regular massage can reduce your risk of injury.

Sure, exercise is great, but here’s what your massage therapist can do to really make you feel younger…

Fact: if you look younger, you’ll feel younger.

Masks and essential oils these days have top-notch ingredients – that can detox, soften, and brighten your skin… after just one application.

Are you busy? Be sure to make a date… with these products.

It’s not the pink or green goop you put on your face as a teenager.

You really need these in your grown-up beauty routine.

The newer face masks don’t just pull bad stuff out of your skin; they put hydrators, wrinkle smoothers, and skin brighteners in.

So says Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, a clinical professor of dermatology at George Washington University Medical Center.

Once again, your massage therapist can help you select the very best skin care for your unique needs.

But are you kidding about the once-a-week thing?

Before you say “I can’t afford to get regular massages!” …I get it. I’ve thought about this.

And I’ve put together a membership rate to fit in your budget. (I don’t think anyone around here offers anything lower.)

I know you’re probably serious about taking care of yourself – and I really want to help you – so that regular massage can be a part of your wellness routine.

You are worth it. Take care of yourself!

Life takes it out of you. I’d love to help you put it back in.

How can I help you personally?


Call me at 303-920-2350 with any questions, concerns or to find out how massage and essential oils can make life better for you.

Sarah Shropshire

by Sarah Shropshire
LMT, Essential Oil and Business Consultant


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