How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake People Make With Pain

Pain can make you desperate. The trigger point in your lower back. Or the emotions that wake you at 3AM and cut you to your very core. My family has suffered both kinds. Who can help? Is it time to call the doctor? Whether you have the money, or insurance will cover it…or not… Millions... Read More »

Whack! Pow! How to Feel Great Right Now!

Remember the little kid in you who loved to eat Fruit Loops and watch cartoons on TV Saturday morning? Or… er, uh, YouTube? (I still watch TV at the gym.) We all love to see the good guys win. But with a struggle. It just keeps things real. After all, the world’s full of supervillains today. We... Read More »

3 Easy Ways to Feel Good Right Now

Life keeps throwing stresses and responsibilities at you. No wonder we all need a little help to relieve that stress and feel good again! Find yourself staring at the computer too long? Here’s a simple massage trick you can do to relieve those tired eyes Close your eyes. Place your thumbs under your eyebrows, right... Read More »

How to Upgrade Your Life By Being Thankful

Being thankful costs no money and very little time But oh, the benefits! Why are so many researchers excited about an attitude of gratitude? It seems our brains are wired to thrive on it. In fact, being thankful may be one of the fastest ways to improve your outlook on life. Grateful people have fewer... Read More »

How To Stay Motivated To Be Healthy

Have you ever committed to become healthier…only to get derailed a few months, weeks or even days later? “I don’t have enough…” Whether it’s time, money or desire, quitting is common. Are there any secrets we can learn from people who succeeded? People who committed and years later, they’re still rockin’ a healthy lifestyle? Well,... Read More »

How To Tune Up Your Body to Stay Pain Free

What happens if you don’t stretch? Nothing. For a while. Because stretching is for worriers and people with lots of time, right? Well… One day you wake up with a slight pain in your shoulders or back. After a little stretching, you feel alright again. So on you go with your super busy life. A few... Read More »