How To Deal With Anxiety Right Now

Are you satisfied with the level of happiness in your life? There’s one feeling that creates more stress than any other. Do you know what it is? It’s the feeling that you’re not in control of your life. Life just doesn’t always happen how you plan it. How can you gain more control and banish... Read More »

How To Make Back To School Time More Calm & Organized

Do you watch August roll around the calendar and wish you were more ready for back to school time? Waking up early, getting lunches ready, rushing everyone out the door on time and all that homework – it’s enough to bring on whining and tears (from parents and kids!) With so much going on, it’s... Read More »

Parents: What You Need To Know For Back-To-School Success

Bleary eyed, you reach to turn off the alarm clock…when you realize something truly awful. Wake up! It’s time for school!” Everybody loves summertime late nights. Then suddenly… this free and relaxed schedule comes crashing to an end. Sure, many parents can’t wait for the kids to go back to school. Yet the big change... Read More »

How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake People Make With Pain

Pain can make you desperate. The trigger point in your lower back. Or the emotions that wake you at 3AM and cut you to your very core. My family has suffered both kinds. Who can help? Is it time to call the doctor? Whether you have the money, or insurance will cover it…or not… Millions... Read More »

Whack! Pow! How to Feel Great Right Now!

Remember the little kid in you who loved to eat Fruit Loops and watch cartoons on TV Saturday morning? Or… er, uh, YouTube? (I still watch TV at the gym.) We all love to see the good guys win. But with a struggle. It just keeps things real. After all, the world’s full of supervillains today. We... Read More »

3 Easy Ways to Feel Good Right Now

Life keeps throwing stresses and responsibilities at you. No wonder we all need a little help to relieve that stress and feel good again! Find yourself staring at the computer too long? Here’s a simple massage trick you can do to relieve those tired eyes Close your eyes. Place your thumbs under your eyebrows, right... Read More »