Skin Irregularities

Do you have broken capillaries, blackheads, milia, hyperpigmentation, cherry angiomas,
sebaceous hyperplasia, fibromas, and skin tags?


State of the art technology for those of you who would like them gone!

Cutting edge technology treats these irregularities without laser or a scalpel!

After cleansing the skin and providing skin analysis, minor skin irregularities are identified for treatment.  A microdermabrasion treatment is used to remove any dead skin cells that contain residual makeup, oil and dead skin cells and prepare the skin for treatment.

How does it work?

A state of the art device is used on the minor skin irregularities. Tapping the skin with the probe, only briefly and barely touching the skin surface, allows the electrical flow to treat the concerned area with little pain.  Treatment is very quick and tolerated well by many.  You will see results immediately.

Quick Video of procedure:

Is there any down time?

No, but the skin does need to heel.

Your skin could form a dry patch, especially if brown spots or angiomas are being treated. Expect healing time is 5-7 days, however, many find it can be less time.  During the healing time, it is important to use the gentle products recommended for best results. We will instruct you on the recommended Sanitas post treatment care.

How long does the procedure take?

Treatment is 15 minutes. People note that discomfort is minimal, with excellent results.  A follow up facial will be scheduled to help your skin and monitor your skin’s improvement.