To wax or not to wax?  This is the question.

The search for smooth, hair-free skin actually goes back to ancient Egypt, where they used beeswax and resin mix to remove unwanted hair.  Thankfully, since then, methods have been changing and improving.

There are many hair removal options available.  Perhaps you are one that has stood in the isle of your local department store, pondering the DIY waxing kit, while juggling the newest razor with the lotion infused strip on the blade.  All you are looking for … is to look good tonight.

Let’s pause/rewind for a minute.

Even though shaving might seem like the fastest, cheapest and can be done while balancing one foot in the bathroom sink, there are some major benefits on waxing by a professional.

Professional waxing helps you maintain a healthy, fuzz-free, and glowing skin.  So skip the razor bumps, the cuts and knicks, leave the band aids behind and let our professional help you glow!

What should you expect?

It’s not on everyone’s favorite “To Do” list to have hot wax dripped on your skin to have individual hair painfully ripped out, but it doesn’t have to be an agonizing experience!  While we can’t promise you a painless experience, your esthetician should talk to you first about any medical history.  If you have been shaving for a while, your hair has grown accustomed to a growth pattern and waxing will change that pattern. The most important things is to breathe, remain calm and relaxed and communicate.

How long does it take?

Depending on the area that you are needing hair removal, it can be competed in 15-60 minutes.

What should I know before I choose to schedule?

Many people are unaware about before and after care for waxing.

  • Take your medical history into consideration.  There are some heath factors that may deem waxing is discouraged, including diabetes and varicose veins, certain medications, skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis, and prior to a chemical peeling.
  • It will take one to two weeks for hair to grow at least 0.25 inches.  If the hair is too short, it will be difficult to pull out – which means it will be harsher on the skin and not so effective.
  • Put away the razor between appointments, it’ll ruin the effects of the waxing sessions.
  • Hydrate and moisturize!


  • Keep the area clean and avoid heat and friction for the next 24 hours.  This means don’t go to the tanning bed, swimming or a sauna, as it will be too harsh on your sensitized skin that was just waxed.
  • A cold compress is the best way to reduce redness and soreness that may result from the waxing.
  • Use an exfoliating cloth and your favorite body wash while showering to help reduce ingrown hairs.  They are possible when layers of dead skin cells build up and trap hair.