Isreal Harris, LMT


Hello I am Isreal Harris.


It has always brought me joy to help people in any way I can and massage therapy has enabled me to bless others in ways I never thought possible. For example, reducing pain in those with chronic holding patterns and preventing further pain by advising correct posture and form while walking/standing. Or relieving pain and restoring range of motion by releasing triggers in key muscle groups. Although sometimes the best help I can give someone is a little calm and serenity after a stressful day. I am very patient and open minded. I am always willing to listen to any of your aches or pains. If there is ever a technique you desire that I am not familiar with, know that I am a quick study always looking to improve in my care of my clients. I always do my absolute best and I would love to help as many people as I possibly can.


During school I, have learned that there is always something new to learn and I want to take in as much as I can. I knew I had a talent for massage when I was young, I would give my family massage and once an adult I finally decided what I wanted to do. After having one child and being pregnant with my second is when I decided to go to school. I have never regretted that decision, the late night away from my family have been difficult but what I can do to help my family has been an adventure! I am very blessed what my teachers have taught me and taking the time to listen to my question.


I am also very thankful I had the opportunity to work with clients during my internship. Meeting and helping others was a big stepping stone for me, during my internship I was able to help over 90 people. Which was just the start to my dream, helping those that I can and doing my absolute best for any that comes in my path.



One benefit of visiting Massage All is enjoying each therapist’s different training and skills.


The therapists are professionals in their own private practice. Their commitment is to offer truly high quality massage at value prices. Massage All therapists are dedicated to providing you with a positive, satisfying experience.


Each has demonstrated excellent massage skills, a professional manner, and a warm friendly personality. We know that you will find your favorite, however, we all work as a team. It is so important to all of us that your care comes first, that we are willing to refer to each other to make sure your needs are met, if needed.


We are committed to ensuring that every time you visit our office, you enjoy a caring and healing experience provided by a professional massage therapist.

We are striving to create an environment that is healing and can benefit all aspects of one’s life. We welcome everyone to come and sit and relax – get away from the outside world and – Grow Who You Are.



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