How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake People Make With Pain

Trigger Point Therapy

Pain can make you desperate. The trigger point in your lower back. Or the emotions that wake you at 3AM and cut you to your very core.

My family has suffered both kinds.

Who can help? Is it time to call the doctor?

Whether you have the money, or insurance will cover it…or not… Millions of people struggle with these questions.

You too?

It’s part of why I decided to become a licensed massage therapist.

Other therapists and I have seen and helped so many people. People who enjoy near miraculous recoveries.

Okay, you lawyers and skeptics, no miracles or cures.

But now there’s a lot of really, really happy people because of massage. And they weren’t that way a short time ago.

Even for those “incurable” folks.

Not to mention how much massage treatments helped my family and I.

But here’s the thing about massage

People get one session and expect everything will be all better.

Yes, they feel wonderful afterward. But if they have chronic pain or a serious disorder… a few days later the pain creeps back in.

What happened? Did the massage fail? Was it a bad therapist?

No. Not at all.

Here’s the secret to restoring confidence and happiness. The way it was (or even better than) before the pain came along…

Multiple Sessions

What kind of sessions?

People will grudgingly accept that they should go to a doctor multiple times.

Chronic tiredness, for example. You’ll see several doctors. Many times. For a minimum of 6 months. Plus numerous and very costly tests.

Meanwhile the fatigue destroys your work and personal life.

And then you might find out (after 6 months of hassle and piles of money spent) …no one knows what’s wrong!

The Journal of the American Medical Association says that 84% of chronic fatigue patients are either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed. (Reyes M, et al; JAMA Internal Medicine, July 14, 2003, Vol 163, No. 13)

And even if they do find out what’s wrong, the drugs only help a little.

If only…if only…people would consider multiple massage sessions.

For so many, this is…

The secret to restoring confidence and happiness

Alex Terry, a former chronic fatigue/ME sufferer, says she was “a zombie for years” and then “massage brought me back to life.”

Yes it took multiple sessions. But today she needs a massage far less often to stay active, alert and pain free.

It’s just that powerful.

Terry adds: massage is the “treatment that GP’s (General Practitioners) don’t know about.”

Yet more of them are learning.

Now respected Mayo Clinic doctors encourage and use massage for their patients.


Tiffany Field, executive director of the Touch Research Institutes (TRI) in Miami, made a discovery.

Massage dramatically improves ADHD symptoms in teenagers.

All who received 10 to 15 minute massages for 10 consecutive days showed positive changes. They felt happier and their teachers reported better behavior.

Other TRI studies have shown that youths with ADHD benefit greatly from even twice-monthly massage therapy.

Relieve Emotional Trauma

Specific types of massage therapy are designed to help you relieve years of pent-up emotion and help you deal with trauma.

Again, no cure-all.

Yet many swear by massage as the one thing that finally brings relief.

Trigger Point Therapy

That pain in your lower back? Or those headaches?

Often caused by trigger points.

One tight spot in your back or neck can cause miserable headaches, for example.

Tiny groups of muscle tissue that tighten and form “knots.”

Trained therapists can quickly identify these spots. And make significant progress toward loosening them.

Often on the first visit.

A few more visits? Results are usually nothing short of amazing.

Pain free at last!

The biggest mistake people make with pain and stress

Many people with chronic pain or stress have gone for years without help.

Or even a clue how to get relief. Or that relief is even possible.

But with the problems in today’s world, that pain isn’t going to get better on it’s own.

The good news?

The earlier you decide to get help, the easier it is to fix. (Think less sessions.)

What About You?

Most people aren’t used to the idea of multiple massage sessions.

So I’ve made a real effort to get them affordable for you.

Schedule Now

Are you ready to restore the confidence and happiness you felt before the pain? And without breaking the bank?

Every one of the therapists I consult with are ready to put their whole heart into helping you.

Imagine how your life will change when you get a good night’s sleep.

Night after night.

And what about feeling 10 years younger? Because you have truckloads of energy to spare.

All day. Every day.

What’s it feel like to leap out of bed and be ready to go instead of hitting the snooze button for the tenth time?

Life takes it out of you. I’d love to help you put it back in.

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Sarah Shropshire

by Sarah Shropshire
LMT, Essential Oil and Business Consultant


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