Lena Cardenas, LMT
In Private Practice

Lena C, LMT

Lena was drawn to the healing field at a very early age helping family and friends with their ailments.  Lena found later in life that there is an entire world of Eastern healing methods and modalities, naturally absorbing every subject Lena could be taught in school.  Lena was fascinated that everything she loved was something that could be an occupation for her which started in 2003.   

Therapy and Healing arts is a way that all her training and passions become one. Our bodies are powerful - we all have the capability to heal ourselves.  Her job is to be present and facilitate your healing by holding space for you.  Lena has primarily enjoyed working in the medical community combining a focus on trauma informed healing and helping vulnerable populations such as those with various disabilities and PTSD.  She spent considerable time helping military veterans with opioid dependency and worked as a Victim Advocate supporting Futures without violence. She has included the LGTBQIA community and performed shamanistic healing ritual sessions to assist in improving the quality of life, utilizing massage therapy and her extensive training.

In 2017, Lena faced her biggest moment to see the power of how our body heals.  She was violently attacked causing a traumatic brain injury restructuring everything in her life.  She adapted to the changes and became creative in the ways to heal utilizing the training she had for so many to help others with their journeys.  It created a new perspective on life reignited her mission and passion for what she loves doing – healing naturally.

Lena’s greatest accomplishment is being a strong mother of two beautiful daughters.  She enjoys hiking, dance, yoga, writing and painting.

“I believe we all deserve to feel good so we can let our authentic selves shine through.  You deserve to share your beautiful soul with the world.  My job is just to hold space for you to allow for your growth and healing to take place.  You are capable and a powerful soul.  Let your light shine.” 

Favorites: Trauma informed healing, Ayurveda, Reiki, medical massage, and Structural Integration

You are innately powerful and a beautiful soul.