Ready to Grow Your Career?

Please note, if you don't feel you are the BEST at what you do—STOP reading!

We are only looking to work with amazing therapists who want to 'Grow Who They Are' and provide the best service possible to their clients, with us.

We define a great therapist as someone who has 'HeartSpace', who knows how to "Give to Get' and wants to 'Grow Who They Are'.  (We can define each of those areas, we won't leave it vague).

At Massage All we believe the massage industry needs a shift.

  • Do you need more flexibility in your schedule?
  • Are you tired of working back to back on clients with no ability to expand and capped at a lower wage than you should be?
  • Do you have loyal clients but you struggle to take care of them the way YOU want to?
  • Do you know within yourself that you can do so much more for your clients, if you were just given the opportunity?
  • Do you love helping people?
  • Do you want the opportunity to change lives?

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If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, you are at the right place.

We ask to schedule a 30 minute conversation and complete a brief questionnaire to give a brief overview of the opportunity. 

See the highlights of working with us at Massage All in the downloadable pdf below.

Schedule your 30-minute conversation below. We look forward to talking with you!

Licensed Practitioner Opportunity

Internship Opportunities

Unlicensed Practitioners

In the State of Colorado, you are required to be licensed by the State in your field of practice with training, whether this is as a massage therapist, esthetician or acupuncturist. We do not provide the initial training to get your license but we can direct you to reputable schools. 

Occasionally, your school may ask for you to find a mentor or an internship location to complete your training. Yes! We'd love to help.  Let's schedule a time to talk to make sure we will have similiar values to make our time successful.

Internship Opportunity