Massage Therapists
In Private Practice

The therapists are professionals in their own private practice. Their commitment is to offer truly high quality massage at value prices. Massage All therapists are dedicated to providing you with a positive, satisfying experience.


Each has demonstrated excellent massage skills, a professional manner, and a warm friendly personality. We know that you will find your favorite, however, we all work as a team. It is so important to all of us that your care comes first, that we are willing to refer to each other to make sure your needs are met, if needed.

We are committed to ensuring that every time you visit our office, you enjoy a caring and healing experience provided by a professional massage therapist.

We are striving to create an environment that is healing and can benefit all aspects of one’s life. We welcome everyone to come and sit and relax – get away from the outside world and – Grow Who You Are.

Josi Millar

Massage Therapy, Medical Massage

Meet Josi

Josi is an LMT whose passion is working with people to meet their health and healing goals through various types of massage. Josi believes that healing takes time and patience, and that healing is possible but is not synonymous with fixing or curing. Josi was introduced to massageā€¦

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Kelsey Beck

Student LMT
Student Massage Therapy

Meet Kelsey

Completing her internship at Massage All, Kelsey is excited to put her training to practice.

Lena Cardenas

Massage Therapy, Medical Massage

Meet Lena

Lena was drawn to the healing field at a very early age helping family and friends with their ailments. Lena found later in life that there is an entire world of Eastern healing methods and modalities, naturally absorbing every subject Lena could be taught in school. Lena was fascinated that everything she loved was something that could be an occupation for her which started in 2003.

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Ms. Kiri Lucero

Massage Therapy

Meet Kiri

Massage helped Kiri find herself. Kiri has always wanted to help people in a way that could make a significant impact for them. Her life was changed by therapeutic touch.

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