Kiri Lucero, LMT

In private practice

Kiri LMT

Massage helped Kiri find herself. Kiri has always wanted to help people in a way that could make a significant impact for them. Her life was changed by therapeutic touch. 

Graduating from culinary school in 2014, she spent several years working in the food industry.  Stress began to build up in ways she had never imagined which caused imbalances in her body that increased her chronic pain. Her first massage experience introduced her to the idea that her mind and body need to be balanced to facilitate healing and achieve true wellness. 

Kiri completely switched careers and soon discovered what she would give to others. Since then, it's been Kiri’s goal to help others creatively find this mentality while teaching them to embrace their process of healing and be patient with their bodies along the way. 

Kiri believes that every massage experience should be custom and unique using a combination of multiple modalities to fit the very specific needs of each individual client. After she has personally struggled with anxiety and pain for many years, she understands it can feel as if there is no relief in sight. She loves to educate her clients about their body.  Kiri has learned and loves to share that with the right knowledge, support, and mentality anyone can change their life for the better taking their wellness into their own hands. Self-love through therapeutic touch is what the world needs more of.

Outside of massage, Kiri is a chef trained in classical French, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines. She is an aspiring singer/songwriter working on her music career on the sidelines. Other things she enjoys are drawing, painting, and nature hikes with her dog. 

Favorite modalities: Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular therapy, Myofascial release, Structural integration Swedish Relaxation, Reflexology